Friday, June 17, 2011

Ending Another Year

Wow!  What a crazy ending!  You would think that after seven years of planning graduations, creating awards, packing up boxes, and saying good-byes, I would be more efficient than this! 

I apologize for my absence since my last post.  My past two weeks have taken me a tailspin of a journey.  The end of the year brought on a very angry parent that took hours of my time.  She was upset that her son didn't get an award she thought he should have gotten. 

Then I packed up by classroom, finished all of my paper work, packed my car full of books to plan the next year over the summer, and headed home for a relaxing three days.  Then what did I do?  Started a four day conference!  Oh the life of a teacher!

While some of my work colleagues hit the beach, I opened a conference on Enrichment Opportunities with a 45 minute lesson from a citizenship unit. 

Finally!  Today I only need to work on writing from my home.  I do not have to step back into my classroom for about 4 weeks! I can concentrate on the freelance writing jobs I have picked up for the summer and spend some much needed time with my two year old little boy and my husband.  Perhaps I will even catch up on laundry this weekend, but I don't want to push it!

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