Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Kids

A new student moved into my class last week.  Let me remind you of the time of year!  We have less than twenty days of school left before these students graduate from elementary school and move forward to middle school.  Why would parents choose to move their child away from the friends he has been with for years just before graduation?  His mother died!

My heart aches for this young man.  At age 11 he found his mother dead before school one morning.  He bravely called 911 and tried to administer CPR.  He took his three year old, a bag full of clothes and toys, and moved in with a father that he remembers as abusive and violent from living with him four years ago.

I think this child is doing remarkably well, but has so much disruption in his life, I can't figure out how he is even making it through each day.  God blessed me with this child, but I am not sure how God is using me in this situation.  It is so terribly sad!  I have learned enough to know that I have to be patient and wait to know my role.

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