Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Two-Year Old Curriculum

I love my babysitter.  My son goes to her every weekday while my husband and I work outside of our home.  She goes to church with us, actually we joined that church because of her, and we love everything about her except one small detail.  She has so many kids between the ages of 1 and 4 that she can't possibly teach a good curriculum to each age group.  She teaches the ABC's, counting skills, and colors to everyone.  The main skills she fosters are social skills and gross motor skills. 

My husband and I have debated taking our son to a preschool at age three, but have decided against it.  We love her so much, and our son loves her so much.  He thrives in her care!  Instead of taking him away, we have decided to make up for the lack in curriculum.  We found a free program online called Letter of the Week.  We began the preparatory program for two year olds.  This can be found at

At first I wondered if this whole idea was a little overboard.  I didn't want to force my child into something he wasn't ready for.  I also didn't want to stress myself out for nothing.

I was shocked by our beginning.  We are finishing week one, and my son has loved every book, story, nursery rhyme, and game we have played!  He loves his learning time!

I encourage all parents to involve themselves with the education of their toddler.  I know some parents would rather leave that to the daycare workers, but we are having a blast!

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